Dr. AB Prabhu


Dr. AB Prabhu is a well-acknowledged name in the field of medical science. He is one of the most dedicated plastic surgeons who have given his reliable skills to his patients.

With his commendable years of experience and compassionate care, Dr. AB Prabhu has been working as one of the gems in the team of medical experts at Fortis Hospital, Mohali, the top-ranked hospital of North India.

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Upon completion of her super specialization in the year 2000, wherein she excelled in surgeries and research, she was appointed as Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery at Govt Medical College & Hospital (GMCH) Sector-32 Chandigarh.

Seven years of Governmental Service, she choose to start her private practice in 2007. She is presently working in one of the Multi-Specialty Hospitals in Panchkula since 2008.

One of the honest, compassionate surgeon, who has got a very fine hand for the nuances of Neurosurgery and is very fastidious and meticulous in her work so as to ensure that the patients get the best of the results.

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